Become a Partner

We are always open to collaboration with new Partners

“We are pleased to work with you regardless of your business format, main direction, or region. Among our representatives, there are gift shops, bookstores, clothing boutiques, coffee shops, and others.

We are ready to offer you a mutually beneficial collaboration option.

To contact us regarding collaboration, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Collaboration”.”

In this email, please specify the following:

  • Your business format and main focus (online or offline, the main sphere of activity).
  • The city, service region, and services you provide (including delivery, packaging, discount programs, etc.).
  • Estimated monthly sales volume (if you already have such statistics for similar or related product categories).
  • Payment method.
  • Links to your social media communities.
  • Contact information for communication.

The more information we receive about you, the better, as it will help us offer the most comfortable collaboration scheme.

If you are confident that working with us will be comfortable for you, please write to us urgently! Right now!

With respect to you,
The Manuscript Team.
See you soon.