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The sketchbooks from the “Frozen Motion” series by “Manuscript”, feature paintings by great masters of painting on their covers, which, like no one else, convey the central idea – to show the dynamics of emotions and the surrounding world within the static boundaries of a canvas.

The collection includes four sketchbooks featuring the following artworks: Richard Parkes Bonington’s “La Ferté” from 1825, Paul Cézanne’s “The Avenue at the Jas de Bouffan” from 1874, Wassily Kandinsky’s “Yellow-Red-Blue” from 1925, and “Geometrical Still Life II” by Georges Valmier. While they are different in content, they share a common essence, which is evident to everyone – to convey the dynamics of the things around us through colors and shapes.

The sea tide breaking on the shores of northern France from Bonington, the vegetation swayed by the wind near Cézanne’s family home, the captivating dynamics of colors and forms by Kandinsky, or the mysterious world of emotional experiences by Valmier – they all prove one simple fact: you don’t necessarily need a video camera to capture the beauty of the movements of the surrounding world.