Manuscript is the first manufacturer of sketchbooks and notebooks with an open spine in Ukraine. The use of this technology allows for the perfect opening of the product to 180 degrees and completely eliminates the possibility of its accidental closure.

Maximum convenience in use and aesthetic pleasure are the two principles that the Manuscript company follows when creating its products. Convenience, as mentioned above, is provided by the open spine, as well as reliable stitching and gluing of the sketchbook or notebook, which allows it to withstand even extreme loads. Aesthetic pleasure, in turn, is achieved through careful selection, consideration, and compilation of works by the greatest masters of fine arts into thematic series. Each series has its own story, plot, and message.

Manuscript sketchbooks and notebooks serve as both an excellent working tool for artists, designers, programmers, managers, and a fashionable accessory capable of inspiring creative achievements.

By choosing Manuscript products, you can be confident in their convenience, quality, and durability.

Manuscript – Feel art!