Manuscriptthe first mass-produced sketchbooks and notebooks with an open binding. The use of this technology allows achieving perfect opening of the product at 180 degrees and completely eliminates the possibility of its accidental closure.

Maximum convenience in use and aesthetic pleasure are the two principles that Manuscript follows in creating its products. Convenience, as mentioned above, is ensured by the open binding, as well as reliable stitching and gluing of the sketchbook or notebook, allowing it to withstand even extreme loads. Aesthetic pleasure, in turn, is achieved through careful selection, interpretation, and compilation of works by the greatest masters of visual arts into thematic series. Each series has its history, plot, and message.

Sketchbooks and notebooks Manuscript serve as an excellent working tool for artists, designers, programmers, managers, and also as a fashionable accessory, capable of inspiring creative achievements.

By choosing products from Manuscript, you can be confident in their convenience, quality, and durability.

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The Birth of an Idea

Hello, creative soul!

In winter 2016, our team pondered the creation of a new sketchbook. After the New Year, it was time to start the year with innovations. We delved into the study of all available technologies and concepts, but something always seemed excessive.

Unveiling the World of Coptic Binding

Inspired by the principle of Occam’s razor and Einstein’s words on simplicity, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,” we concluded that to increase the convenience of a sketchbook, we should allow the sheets to live their own lives and minimize restrictions on them. Immersed in technology, we created our first prototype by adding glue. Why not let the sheets live their lives? Thus, the idea of Coptic binding was born – minimal restrictions, maximum freedom!

Playing with Format and Features

And here began the fun games with formats, pages, and cool features for you! Protective matte coating, elastic bands, inserts—everything to make your creative process more exciting. When the form was ready, we moved on to selecting the paper. Ordering all possible samples, we started testing them with artists. We considered parameters like fluffiness, density, thickness, format, as well as absorption and smoothness characteristics. After many discussions and tests, we settled on Swedish paper.

Inspiration and Aesthetics on Every Page

Every element was meticulously chosen, each with its own hidden features. For instance, the bookmark with the picture of the “girl with an earring” peeks out from the sketchbook when properly fixed. All our steps are inspired by the Japanese approach to lean production. We anticipated the doubts of innovators and pioneers, so we guaranteed the possibility of free return or exchange for those who doubted the durability of the binding; throughout our history, we’ve had up to 10 returns. And so, production, feedback, and improvements continued multiple times.

Now, our sketchbooks are not just tools. They are creative inspiration born out of love for art. We believe that each page is a new opportunity for creativity and inspiration, a chance to touch art!

Our Mission and Collaborations with Artists

Our mission at Manuscript is to inspire and support the creative potential of every individual, contributing to the flourishing of art in everyday life. We strive to make art accessible to everyone by offering innovative and high-quality sketchbooks and notebooks with an open spine, combining convenience, style, and continuous inspiration.


Since 2019, we have been closely collaborating with talented Ukrainian artists to showcase their art and share its unique story. In our work, we adhere to the principle of respecting the artist’s creativity: we do not dictate what to draw but provide artists with the freedom to choose from already created canvases. This approach allows us not to interfere with the creative process and to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of each artwork. We strive for our collaborative work with artists to be an inspiring guide, emphasizing the individuality and diversity of their creative contribution to art.

If you are a creative individual interested in collaborating with us, we invite you to submit your portfolio.