Piven 2015 Plus


Size: 14.8 x 21 (A5)

Number of pages: 160 clear

Color pages: cream

Pages density: 150 g/m²

Cover: 1.5 mm cardboard, matt protective coat

Inner pocket and elastic band

Included pattern sheet (grid/line)

In stock

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Sketchbook Manuscript «Piven 2015 Plus» from the series «Ukrainian Art»

The first mass-produced open-bound sketchbooks. The cover is featured with the Ukrainian artist’s Volodymyr Piven’ painting “The Dance”.

We live in a time when contemporary art is often perceived as something strange and incomprehensible. Something that can only be understood by studying the creator’s life and his habits and favorite topics in pop culture. Something where you need to know the social environment of a particular region. Something that may not evoke deep emotions, but obliges to respect the topic raised by the creator.

The philosophy of Volodymyr Piven’ is equally opposite to that described above. Real art doesn’t have to be a confusing puzzle. “Sincerity”, “Credibility”, “positive energy”– are the words Vladimir Piven uses when describing his work. To admire the beauty of nature, you do not need to study its structure. Likewise, art should give positive emotions, inspire and delight with its beauty at first sight, without reading the creator’s note on the wall.

Volodymyr has passed a long creative path, from a factory designer through detailed and realistic portraits and landscapes to bold expressionism, but to admire the beauty of the painting “The Dance” we do not need to know the artist’s biography, about his love for birds that arose after visiting Great Britain, or that these feathered creatures are symbols of spiritual impulse and movement forward for Volodymyr. To feel joy and warm emotions, you just need to look at it.

Creamy unlined pages are great for liners, pencils, and pens. Sketchbooks open ideally 180 degrees and do not close randomly thanks to the open-bounding. High-quality stitching and gluing allow you to withstand loads, and a protective overlay on the cover will extend the life of your sketchbook. The set includes an inlay with a checkered and in-line ruler for ease of writing, making graphs, tables, accurate models, etc.

Manuscript sketchbooks serve as an excellent working tool for artists, designers, IT specialists, managers, and a fashion accessory to inspire creative exploits.

Admire the beauty together with the Manuscript!

Additional information

Weight495 g
Dimensions14.8 × 21 × 2.2 cm

A5 Plus

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