Manuscript А5 Plus

160 pages, 150 g/m² density

Cream, unlined pages are perfect for fine liners, pencils, and pens. Sketchbooks open seamlessly at 180 degrees and don’t accidentally close, thanks to the open binding.
At the very end of the sketchbook, there’s a pocket for business cards and small notes, and a round elastic band ensures your sketchbook stays securely closed.

The Advantages of Manuscript Sketchbooks


Sketchbooks perfectly lay flat at 180°+ and do not randomly close, thanks to the open binding.


The cover featuring artworks of great masters provides exceptional aesthetic pleasure.


The unique binding with high-strength threads ensures your sketchbook won’t fall apart even in extreme conditions.


Your notes or drawings can be easily scanned or captured with your phone thanks to the open binding.


The set includes an insert with both lined and grid paper, along with a bookmark, which is very convenient for calligraphy, charting, or note-taking.


The Swedish eco-friendly cream-colored paper is perfect for liners, pencils, and pens.

About sketchbooks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since our sketchbook covers feature paintings by great artists, we wanted our logo to reflect this connection. Our black square is a reference to Malevich’s “Black Square”, emphasizing the continuous link between sketchbooks and art. Thanks to the artworks we showcase on our covers, you can enjoy your favourite masterpieces every day and more.

The open binding we use in our sketchbooks is, in essence, the same type of binding used in bookmaking. However, while traditional books have a closed spine, in our case, the spine remains open. This design is incredibly user-friendly, as it allows the sketchbook to lay flat at a 180-degree angle without any obstruction from the spine. We utilize a special silk thread and extensive gluing along the entire perimeter in creating this binding.

This binding is particularly strong due to several factors. Firstly, it is crafted using special silk thread. This thread stitches the notebooks with paper in a way that prevents the sketchbook from tearing or falling apart during daily use. Secondly, the already stitched notebooks are securely fixed together with glue, allowing the sketchbook to maintain its shape under any usage conditions. We carefully inspect the binding of each product to ensure that you receive a high-quality item.

Yes, you can find detailed information on this matter in the Corporate Clients section. We take all your preferences into account and are open to discussing the design for your sketchbook.

Perfect for fine liners, brush pens, markers (Copic), pencils, pens, inks, watercolor markers, and colored pencils.

We do not recommend using acrylic or alcohol-based markers. If you decide to use them, consider placing a sheet of paper or the included insert underneath.

Not suitable for watercolor due to the paper’s low density.

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