Botticelli 1486 Plus


Size: 14.8 x 21 (A5)

Number of pages: 160 clear

Color pages: cream

Pages density: 150 g/m²

Cover: 1.5 mm cardboard, matt protective coat

Inner pocket and elastic band

Included pattern sheet (grid/line)

In stock

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Sketchbook Manuscript «Botticelli 1486 Plus» from the series«Tenderness»

The first mass-produced open-bound sketchbooks. The cover features the famous Italian artist Sandro Botticelli painting “The Birth of Venus”.

Few people know that Sandro Botticelli is a nickname. The real name of the artist is Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi, and his nickname was “Keg” (this is how Botticelli is translated from Italian). Sandro got his nickname from his older brother, who was a huge man. Sandro was a resident of the thriving and art-promoting Florence, and at the age of 17, he began to pursue the visual arts. After studying with such masters as Filippo Lippi and Andrea Verrocchio (teacher of Leonardo da Vinci himself), he opened his workshop in 1470. The artist’s acquisition of his corporate identity is associated precisely with gaining independence. Quickly gaining fame as a talented artist, Sandro has been fulfilling countless orders for many years, improving his skills and technique with each work. One of the most excellent indicators of the acquired skills is the painting “The Birth of Venus”, written by him around 1486. The plot of the picture shows the myth of the birth of Venus, where a naked goddess swims to the shore on the shell of a scallop, and Zephyrus (west wind) and Chloris urge her closer and closer to the beach.

Creamy unlined pages are great for liners, pencils, and pens. Sketchbooks open ideally 180 degrees and do not close randomly thanks to the open-bounding. High-quality stitching and gluing allow you to withstand loads, and a protective overlay on the cover will extend the life of your sketchbook. The set includes an inlay with a checkered and in-line ruler for ease of writing, making graphs, tables, accurate models, etc.

Manuscript sketchbooks serve as an excellent working tool for artists, designers, IT specialists, managers, and a fashion accessory to inspire creative exploits.

Develop your skills with the Manuscript!

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Weight495 g
Dimensions14.8 × 21 × 2.2 cm

A5 Plus

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