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The goal of the “Ukrainian Art” series by the “Manuscript” company is to introduce our users to the local creativity of Ukrainian artists and illustrators. In our country, there are many interesting individuals, and that’s precisely why we’ve created this series to share their works with you.

Our country is truly rich in talent, and we want to tell you more about these people in the language of their works. Experienced and renowned masters, dedicated enthusiasts, or rebellious newcomers – this series has a place for all without exception. The key features are the quality and Ukrainian roots of the works. The debut edition includes works from talented illustrators Nadia Azariyeva, who works in the field of watercolor illustration, and Alina Plasticine, who shares her creative achievements in clothing design and pattern creation.

If you are an artist or illustrator from Ukraine and want your creativity to be seen both in your homeland and beyond, please write to us and send examples of your work to our email: [email protected].

Glory to Ukraine!