Bosch 1515 Plus


Size: 14.8 x 21 (A5)

Number of pages: 160 clear

Color pages: cream

Pages density: 150 g/m²

Cover: 1.5 mm cardboard, matt protective coat

Inner pocket and elastic band

Included pattern sheet (grid/line)

In stock

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Sketchbook Manuscript «Bosch 1515 Plus» from the series «Evolution of unreality»

The first mass-produced open-bound sketchbooks. The cover has featured a fragment of the famous Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights”.

This work of the Dutch master is considered by many art critics to be one of the most mysterious. To begin with, the name was given to the painting not by Bosch himself but by the researchers of his work many years later. The original name was either lost, or the picture did not have one at all.

The plot of the picture and the motives depicted in it also add layers of mystery. On the one hand, we see biblical motives in which people pick apples from the tree of knowledge, and the harmony of people, plants, and animals refers us to the idea of what Paradise looks like.

But once we look closely, we begin to notice that Bosch portrays various sexual themes and connotations. The guys are “having fun” with a bouquet, trying to find the right “place” to store it. The Dutch proverb “Happiness and glass – how short-lived they are” finds its reflection in a woman with two men under a glass dome, in which a growing crack in their relationship can already be seen. Deceived husbands sleep surrounded by horns that their unfaithful wives instructed.

The final touch of mystery is people pulling a creature with a long beak. After examining the picture thoroughly enough, you will conclude that the birds are not what they seem to be. Distortion of reality and fantastic play with allusions – these are the two “whales” on which this work is built.

Creamy unlined pages are great for liners, pencils, and pens. Sketchbooks open ideally 180 degrees and do not close randomly thanks to the open-bounding. High-quality stitching and gluing allow you to withstand loads, and a protective overlay on the cover will extend the life of your sketchbook. The set includes an inlay with a checkered and in-line ruler for ease of writing, making graphs, tables, accurate models, etc. Manuscript sketchbooks serve as an excellent working tool for artists, designers, IT specialists, managers, and a fashion accessory to inspire creative exploits.

Manuscript sketchbooks serve as an excellent working tool for artists, designers, IT specialists, managers, and a fashion accessory to inspire creative exploits.

Be mysterious with the Manuscript!

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Weight460 g
Dimensions14.8 × 21 × 2.2 cm

A5 Plus

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